09 October 2010

Beer History and Appreciation Class Oct. 14th

Buried away amongst all the event listings at BBW is this odd listing for a "Beer Appreciation Course" at Howard Community College's Columbia campus:

From ancient Sumatra to Delaware; Old Country to Plymouth Rock; Chicha to Chili Pepper Ale; Fritz Maytag to Michael Jackson; Prohibition to the GABF--learn a brief history of the Nectar of the Gods. Join Nick "The Baltimore Beertrekker" Nichols as you taste a variety of beers from microbrews to imports. Emphasis is on fall beers.
Includes at least 5 beers, plenty of gourmet cheeses, class materials, and giveaways/swag for everyone.
This sounds way too much like an excuse for either a stuffy college professor to charge people to have a beer with him, or a silly fraternity stunt.  Notwithstanding that HCC doesn't have "frat houses" as far as I know, here's a further description from Nichols himself:
This ain't some frat boy fantasy...this is a hardcore barrel aged beer tasting with cheese and plenty of giveaways. We will taste at least 8 expensive (SOME RARE) beers aged in wood for at least a year mostly more. Stone Brewing DVDs for everyone. Nick has taught this class and others to almost 1000 people over the last 6 years. Nick has visited over 800 brewpubs and microbreweries in the last 20 years. We will learn about each beer take notes, rate them, and discuss. This is not for credit so we have more fun!
Nichols claimed last night that the normal price of the beers served--he says he's bringing Allagash Curieux and the now-no-longer-made Thomas Hardy's Ale, as examples--would easily rival the tab of a similar tasting event at Max's or the Brickskeller.  Find out for yourself.  If he sells out, there's a homebrew demonstration at nearby Maryland Homebrew that evening...

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quill said...

Just a quick thanks from the hinterland. I really appreciate your keeping us all updated on all of the neat stuff that is happening. You are a BIG help in keeping things straight. Other than drinking beer I really enjoy reading about beer.