09 October 2010

Metropolitan's second Beer Week Menu

Cut-and-pasted from Bruce's e-mail:

B. United Imports Exotic Beer Breakfast
10:00 am
Join Ron Fischer of B. United Imports for a 3-Course, 4-Beer Breakfast ($35 RSVP):
Reception: Pausa Cafe Chicca (Italy)
First: Alvinne Melchior (Belgium) with Crab Benedict avec Moutarde
Second: Hofstetten Oktoberfest 1810 (Austria) with Gunpowder Bison Sausage Frittata
Third: Verdi Imperial Stout (Italy) with Egg & Pastrami Roulade

Harpoon IPA Pint Night
6:00 pm
Enjoy some Harpoon IPA in a pint glass you can keep.  Supplies limited.

Lindsay's Trivia of the Damned (Beer Week Edition)
8:30 pm
Lindsay is devoting her trivial inquiries to the subject nearest to our hearts: Beer!
$3 Microbrew bottle specials

Unibroue Beer Dinner
7:00 pm
Join Bernard Johnson of Unibroue Brewery of Quebec for a 5-Course, 5-Beer Dinner ($45 RSVP):
First:  Ephemere Apple with Duck, Papaya & Apple Salad
Second:  Don de Dieu with Tuna & Avocado Tartare
Third: La Fin du Monde with Sea Bass, Potato Croquette & Asparagus
Fourth:  Trois Pistoles with Country-Fried Gunpowder Bison Steak with Bison Sausage Gravy
Fifth:  Quelque Chose with Chevre

Beer Breakfast with Brian Ahern
10:00 am
Join Brian Ahern of Bond Distributing for a 3-Course, 4-Beer Breakfast ($25 RSVP):
Reception:  Beermosas with Wolaver's White Ale
First:  Harpoon Cider with Corned Beef Hash & Egg
Second: Tommyknocker Maple Brown Ale with Gunpowder Bison Sausage Stew & Egg
Third: Flying Dog Coffee Stout with Chocolate Chip Waffle Wedge

Stillwater/12% Imports Beer Dinner
8:00 pm
Join Brian Strumpke of Stillwater Artisanal Ales and Brian Ewing of 12% Imports for a 5-Course, 5-Dinner ($45 RSVP):
First: Contreras Valeir Extra with Tuna & Avocado Tartare
Second: Hof Ten Dormaal Blond with Corn & Potato Soup
Third: Stillwater Of Love & Regret with Langoustine Mac & Cheese
Fourth: De Dochter Embrasse with Piedmont Ridge Brisket Braised in Beer
Fifth:  Emelisse Russian Imperial Stout with dessert

Victory Beer Breakfast
10:00 am
Join Joe Gold of Victory Brewing for a 3-Course, 3-Beer Breakfast ($25 RSVP)
Reception: Beermosa with Victory Prima Pils
First: Victory Saison de Buff with Quiche
Second: Victory Village Coffee Brown Ale with Sweet Bean Pancake
Third:  Victory Moonglow Weizenbock with Banana Bread & Gunpowder Bison Sausage

Firkin Thursday with Troegs Brewing
6:00 pm
We will have a delicious firkin of Dead Reckoning Porter as well as draft Flying Mouflan and Pale Ale.

Movie Night with Troegs Brewing
8:00 pm-ish
Join Pete Showvaker of Troegs as we watch the classic beer movie Strange Brew.  Rumor has it there may be Jelly Donuts about . . .

Samuel Smith Beer Dinner
7:00 pm
Join John Brown of Merchant du Vin for a 5-Course, 5-Beer Dinner ($45 RSVP) featuring the very rare beer Yorkshire Stingo:
First:  Brewery Old Pale Ale with Shrimp, Tomato & Mozzarella
Second:  Nut Brown Ale with Butternut Squash Soup
Third:  India Ale with Pastrami-Stuffed Chicken
Fourth: Taddy Porter with Gunpowder Bison Steak
Fifth:  Yorkshire Stingo with Cheese & Apple Tarte

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