04 October 2010

Top Ten Signs You're Taking Baltimore Beer Week 2010 Too Seriousy.....

10. You're already picked out which brewpub or craft beer shirts to wear on which days.
9.   Your cell phone's scheduling software has crashed already from trying to track it all..
8.   You're taking personal leave time from work for the occasion.
7.   You've filled out a temporary mail-forwarding form to have your mail sent to Alonso's or Metropolitan.
6.   You have glassware with your name on it waiting for you at one bar--and they don't do a "mug club."
5.   You've done "dry runs" on the Circulator and MTA buses to ascertain how long it will take you to get between events.
4.   You've already prepared a notebook that includes downloaded tasting notes for all the special beers listed so far on the schedules--or, worse, written your own cell phone app.
3.   You've gotten an MTA Weekly Pass to "commute" to and from the events--and it's the first time you've ever ridden a bus since school, or the first time you've ridden the Metro or a Light Rail train without a ball game involved
2.   You've applied for an economic stimulus grant from the Federal government to pay for it all.
1.   You've already requested the second week of October 2011 as vacation time.

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