18 February 2011

Annnnnnnd...... WE'RE OFF!

Yeah, the Max's Belgian Beer Festival.  You was expectin' Humphrey Bogart?

9:15 AM: #6 in line.  By 9:40 it's about 40, 10:30 130-ish, by opening time at 11:01 the line is almost a block long.

The first 100 or so in line get a sample from a 6-liter Methuselah of St. Feuillien Tripel, poured in advance of opening.

First beer samples once set up, about a 15-minute wait to get served even at the bar, so you take as much as you can carry with you as a result.
Stillwater/Olivers Channel Crossing 3 in oak barrel (being pumped from the barrel): extremely dark brown, almost stout, intense oak character, very tannic and acidic, at 12% very rich and decadent. Fairly dry and wine-like, though with that we break out into a debate brokered by Steve Jones himself--two different glasses have distinctly different notes, with other glasses having more malt character.

On to the Scotch-Styles:  Gordon's Finest: Scotch Ale 8.6%:  Pronounced toffee notes in nose, almost slightly burnt.  A nice, intriguing burnt butterscotch character, sweet but balanced by the caramelisation.  Go back for more of this.
Brouwkot Vlaskappelle 5.0% Scotch Ale:  Are you sure?  This is tripel-coloured.  Has the character of a saison more than any "Scotch Ale," unless you're talking Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted.  No, looking at Ratebeer's description, I got the wrong beer........

In the chaos around me, two other samples get swapped around/grabbed in error/etc. to the point where I literally have no relation with what's now in front of me.  To hell with what was supposed to be Alvinne Bolleville (strong aged in Calvados) and Scotch de Silly.

The aoli mayo with the frites is EXTRA spicy.  Be forewarned.

There are too many folks taking pictures of beer around here.   Less shooting, more drinking.

12:38:  The UPS guy innocently walks in with two boxes to deliver and get sigs for.  Poor guy.

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