18 February 2011

Max's Belgian VII second round

Well, more like the third round, but too much chaos to keep the damn beers straight.  I resort to writing out orders, and even then it's something of a crap shoot,

De Dochtervan de Korenaar Bravoure 6.5% Smoked ale,:amber, bight, yeah, definitely a smoked beer albeit more restrained (ain't saying much) over Schlenkerla products.  A solid but not necessrily overwhelming smoke character & body.

De Struise Black Damantion Black Mes (imperial stout, whisky barrels) 13.0% (tied for strongest beer here today)--black as India ink or a black hole, seems to soak up light,  obscenely rich in whisky and wood, would do proud for a 17-18% stout like World Wide or Tokio.
De Struse Black Damantion [OK, is Casey spelling this right?] Cofee Club  (Imp stout rum barrels 13%--yes, the other tie for strongest)--wait a minute, are you sure this isn't the Mocha Bomb with coffee beans?  Or is the Coffee Club rum-laced coffee stout?  This works, much more akin to an "Irish coffee' with Belgian notes.

From a 750 bottle: Duvel Special Edition Tripel Hop 9.5%, three hops (lengthy discussion breaks out over just what they mean by "Tripel Hop").... I have the bottom of the bottle, provided by a guest, yeast-filled....  a good hoppy ale without being aggressively I2PA or Tripel.  If you seek either, you're disappointed.  But think a well-balanced Chouffe Houblon with a dry finish, and you're there.  Yes, I would drink more of this, easily.

Part Three of the Trilogy, de Struse Black Damantion Mocha Bomb 12%-- a straightforward coffee stout, compared to the others.  Imperial, to be sure, but still a coffee drink first and foremost.

De Struise Red Haired Jeanne 7.0% Special Ale--this is one of the beers ordered earlier that got lost in the shuffle.  Hazy red, think a Belgian interpretation of an Irish red.  Dry, biscuitty, a bit nutty.

Lefebvre Barbar Winter Bok 8.0%-- rich and bright light brown, has a definite stone fruit and raisin ting going on--very sweet, somewhat fruitcake-laden, prunes, rum, sweetness.  If you like rum drinks, get this.

Bosteels Triple Karmeliet 8.0% Tripel: unlike most tripels, amber-coloured......  Nose and palate loaded with caramelised malt and sugars, boiled to excess.....  Sweet but not offensively so, notes of toasted marshmallow...

Alvinne Extra  7.0% IPA....  pronounced hop nose to a straw-colourd mildly-hazed golden ale or tripel... A definite IPA, with a chalky and dry Belgian characyer.  This is in the "cross a tripel with lots of hops" model.

Alvinne Caper Fumantis 6.7% Smoke Ale-not that I have a thing for Alvinne, but it;s just a good selection.  This beer:  Dark porter/stout colour, emi-sweet like harsh coffee, smoke is there but not painfully obvious, more like a tasty but harshly dry and smoky porter, astringent but not pleasant to these tastebuds.  Pass me a New Holland Dragon's Milk any day..........

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