21 February 2011

For the love of all that is holy, WHY?!?!?

Various times during the Belgian Fest @ Max's..........

Sing along, kids:
Three of these things belong together
Three of the things are kind of the same
But one of these things just doesn't belong here
Now it's time to play our game... it's time to play our game!

Now which of these things just doesn't belong here
Come on, can you tell which one
Can you guess which thing just doesn't belong here 
Guess before my song is done.......  and now my song is done!

1 comment:

JohnM. said...

I got nothing against someone who wants to drink boh, PBR or bud lite during a Belgian festival (more for all the rest of us, right?), but this just smacks of stupidity. You were there Alex, so you know how crowded it was during this festival.

What kind of knucklehead would stand in line to get into a beer bar that is jammed to the gills with people, with waits at the bar approaching 20 minutes or more, all so you can drink a beer you can find pretty much any place else in town and likely for less? Oh well...