07 February 2011

White House Super Bowl Party features Homebrew

As reported on an Obama food blog (!?!):

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have joined the home brewing beer trend that's swept the US, and will be serving a very special White House brew tonight when they welcome guests for the annual Super Bowl party, to watch as the Packers take on the Steelers.

In a special turn of events in the history of White House food creations, one of the White House chefs has brewed White House Honey Ale, a White House aide exclusively tipped ObFo. It uses one pound of honey from this year's 160-pound harvest of honey from the White House Bee Hive, which sits beside Mrs. Obama's South Lawn Kitchen Garden.

The President, First Lady, and their guests will be sampling the special suds for the first time this evening. And the Obamas paid for the micro-brewing equipment, the aide noted, so there's no impact on the national debt.
No mention of malt, hops, etc., although commercial beers from Green Bay's Hinterland Brewery and Pennsylvania's Yuengling were reported as having been sent to/ordered by the White House.  (Much to the chagrin, no doubt, of Hinterland's neighbor, the excellent Titletown Brewing a mere block and a half away in Green Bay, and Pittsburgh's own East End Brewing, which launched an intensive lobbying/PR effort to get their beers into said party.)

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