01 February 2011

Beer Events This Week UPDATED AGAIN

  • Tonight at Pratt Street Ale House:  The kick-off of "Clone Wars," where homebrewers get to try and brew a "clone" of Olivers 3 LionsMore details here.  Entry deadline March 11th.
  • Heavy Seas firkin of Black Cannon at Kloby's Smokehouse along Rt. 29 in "northwest Laurel" today; another one at Judge's Bench in Ellicott City Friday evening.
  • Over at Max's, three "new" beers from Baird Brewery, an English-styled microbrewery in Japan: Dark Sky Imperial Stout, Numazu Lager, and Suruga Bay Imperial IPA.
  • Up north at The Falls in Mt. Washington, they're planning a Troegs event on Thursday.  Said manager Ricky Johnson, "We'll have half priced pints all night and a glass giveaway as well.  Some of the beers we'll have include the Dead Reckoning, Nugget Nectar, Scratch 37, and others."
  • Also on Thursday, another Stillwater beer dinner, this time at Punk's Backyard Grille in Annapolis.   Menu here; $50 a head, reservations required.
  • More Thursday:  Casks at Max's (weekly Cask Night), and over at Metropolitan, Firkin Thursday with Lucky 7 Porter from Evolution Craft Brewing of Delmar, Delaware.  "Lucky 7 Porter is 'rich and full flavored with notes of chocolate, coffee & smoke playing off the sweeter toffee & dried fruit tones.'  About 5.8%.  There's also a little added vanilla bean in the brew."
  • Friday:  Black Cannon firkin at Alonso's.
  • National Bohemian is being reintroduced on draft locally for the first time in 15 years.  Not that craft beer enthusiasts really care, since it's neither made locally anymore nor distinguishable in any way from the vast bulk of North American industrial lager, but The Brewer's Art is reinforcing its "hipster" credentials by tapping a keg of the stuff on Friday at 5 PM.  If that doesn't work for you, Hamilton Tavern will have some next Wednesday the 9th, and down to the southwest Frisco Tap House will have it the 16th.
  • Over in Gaithersburg, Growlers has reopened today after a lengthy repair, following roof damage in a windstorm last fall.


JohnM. said...

This is actaully quite helpful Alex, so thank you. Just to make sure I got this straight, places to avoid over the next few weeks:

Brewer's Art this Friday

Hamilton's the following Wednesday

Frisco's on the 16th.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Well, it's not like they're serving ONLY Natty Boh........

JohnM. said...

No it's not, but some things need to be discouraged and/or nipped in the bud. I think this is one of those things.

You made an excellent point the other day, I thought, about avoiding gimmic beers that have nothing else going for them other than their "gimmickness." At least that's how I interpreted your post.

Other than the name, does this beer have ANY redeeming qualities? Yet reputable places like Brewer's Art and Frisco's can't wait to throw on a keg of this shit... Why do that? Why encourage that?

Sorry, but you can count me out on this one.