07 February 2011

New Beer Outlet in Anne Arundel Co.: Hellas

A reader tipped me off to this possibility.  It's not exactly a "new" place per se, having been in business for over a decade, but Hellas Restaurant & Lounge on Veterans Highway at Benfield Boulevard in Millersville has recently joined the craft-beer movement, installing a 20-line draft system, a larger bottled beer selection, and a "Resident Beer Expert," Joey Marchiano.  Recent sightings have included Brooklyn Winter Ale, Olivers Winter Warmer, Victory St. Victorius Doppelbock, Aventinus, and Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot; a Flying Dog Pint Night is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 13th.

Anyone been?  I have contacts in the northwest suburbs (wasteland, largely), Howard County, northeast, and Columbia/Laurel way, but Anne Arundel outside of Annapolis proper has largely been a wasteland, the presence of The Ram's Head chain and Lures notwithstanding.


jmooy said...

It's true, they have great stuff on tap as well as in bottles. Not ot mention the great happy hour and food. Perfect stop after a long day at work.

Beer said...

Definitely agree that they have a pretty nice list. A new-ish place with good beer is Punk's Backyard Bar & Grill in the Annapolis mall... they actually just had a MD Beer Dinner there last week (believe we sat at the same table as Mr. jmooy). Delicious!


Testing Blog said...

It's one of the most white trash places in Glen Burnie... I used to go there years ago and wasn't a big fan. For old times sake, I went with a couple friends the night before his wedding and couldn't believe they had quality microbrews on tap! Definitely a shock.