19 February 2011

Department of Corrections?

Yesterday I noted a possible wrong tapping with Brouwkot Vlaskappelle not matching online descriptions.  Let's revisit with a new sample:  Deep amber, good head retention (atypical for actual ales from Scotland), now this one has a good malt backbone and profile.  Not the same beer by any stretch of the imagination.  Caramel notes, but not sweet, balanced by a dose of Belgian funk, crisp and biscuitty like a cracker or coolie (biscuit to the Anglophiles here).  Now, this I want a full serving of.

Van Eecke Leroy Christmas 7.5% Scotch Ale: darker and cloudy, like a raw dubbel, low head retention.  Rich but not over the top in malt character, a bit of raisin in the nose.  Long, lingering sweet finish, with spice (coriander? cardamom?) in finish.

De Hoevbrouwwers Toria 6.5% Blonde:  Cloudy blonde (almost pathetic looking in appearance), crisp, almost cidery blonde character, too easy drinking for 6.5%.  A great summertime beer, competes with wits and pils.

De Hoevbrouwwers Toria Triple 8.6%:  Looks the same (equally pathetic), packs a walloping dry bite by comparison.   Seems more like a spicy 10%.  Order up the curry and stand back!  A citrusy, lemon peel note to the finish.  It's not your average or typical tripel, but it works if you know what you're getting into.

De Dolle Oerbier 9.0%:  There are apparently folks who go into conniptions ovr this beer.  The fact that Casey made this a Saturday beer says something.   A great crisp dubbel, but by this stage in the Max's universe, secondary.  Still a terrific beer, but.....

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