22 February 2011

Crunch Time on Proposed Md. Alcohol Tax Increases

Both Flying Dog and Heavy Seas, the two largest breweries in Maryland, sent e-mails out today to their fans urging a grass-roots lobbying effort against proposed increases in alcohol taxation in Maryland.

Part of the text of the Heavy Seas letter, signed by founder Hugh Sisson, is below:

This movement is gaining traction because it misrepresents a huge tax increase as if it were an inconsequential "dime a drink".  Many consumers have mistakenly interpreted this increase to mean the tax would only increase their costs in a bar/restaurant by 10 cents a drink. 

Unfortunately, this tax will be levied on all alcoholic beverages at the manufacturer level.  These amounts will be the absolute MINIMUM price increase you will see on the beverages you buy in Maryland!
 If passed this tax will undoubtedly lead to Maryland job losses!  Neighboring states will gladly cater to Maryland residents who will cross state lines to save considerable dollars since 20 of MD's 24 counties border another state.
We are looking at an economy that is just getting back on its feet, gas and food prices are rapidly increasing, and unemployment is just beginning to improve.  This is not the time to raise this tax!
We need you to help us fight back!
Both breweries are referring fans to a website, set up the the Md. Alliance for Hospitality Jobs, that offers, among other things, to automatically generate a letter of opposition to be forwarded to your legislator.

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