19 February 2011

Yet more Belgian notes

Schelde Hop Ruiter 8.0% hoppy blonde: Blonde, hazy, I'm sorry, I gots nothing but a strong blonde.  Maybe my nose is defective by now..

Brouwkot Kalle 8.5% tripel: bright pale golden/pils color.....  a better balanced presentation, but still, I'm calling my nose defective.......

Geants Noel de Geants 8.5% winter spiced ale: a good, decent spiced ale if you're thinking the English model with a hint of Belgian. Good, but understated by this stage of the game.

Alvinne Bolleville 10% strong ale aged in Calvados (apple brandy) barrels:  Dark red/porter colour, strong character, very alcoholic in body.  A caramel and apple nose, though not over-the-top.  The apple is much more brandy and alcoholic-burn than any cider or apple pie--and c'mon, it's Calvados, not cider or apple.   A good "hot" beer with lots of "burn," but don't get thos for apple flavor.

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