09 February 2011

Bistro Rx: New Website, and Big Beer Lunch Feb. 19th and Unibroue Dinner Feb. 17th

Bistro Rx, the Patterson Park wine bar that also serves great beer and food, has a brand-new website.

Buried in that website is the announcement of a "Big Beer Tasting," on the afternoon of Feb. 19th, described as "a 4 course lunch paired with several BIG beers designed to get you through those chilly winter days; $35/ reservations required 410-276-0820."

UPDATE:  Add a Unibroue-inspired Belgian dinner on the evening of Feb. 17th, just in case the next three days of Belgian beer at Max's just isn't enough..........;...

1 comment:

JohnM. said...

Frankly, I have no idea whether this will be a good event or not (the big beer tasting).

God knows I rag on local restaurants when it comes to wine events such as this, so might as well give equal time for beer events such as this too.

Note to Bistro RX. Not all of us go to a restaurant for the sole purpose of getting drunk and filling up on whatever cheap food you happen to have on offer. In other words, for an event like this, would it be asking too much to list the beers that will be served, and maybe the food courses as well? If you want to list the alcohol content as well, that's fine (though not necessary in my opinion), but as some of us actually care what the beer tastes like (not to mention the food), would it be asking too much to maybe divulge exactly what beers will be poured at this event? I mean the event is only 9 days away.... by now I would expect you'd have some idea what will be poured and what will be prepared.