14 February 2011

New at DuClaw: X.4 Macchiato Milk Stout

From DuClaw's e-mail:

Another experiment from Professor Wagner's lab has broken free and broken out! X.4 Macchiato Milk Stout invades your local DuClaw Brewing Company Thursday February 17th, 2011. This classic sweet stout, is black in color and medium-full bodied, with a silky, velvety mouthfeel. X.4 boasts lush aromas and flavors of espresso, chocolate and roasted malt imparted by the addition of espresso verdi to the recipe. It is moderately strong in alcohol (6.3%) with just enough hops to balance the big roasted malt and coffee flavors.
Available Thursday February 17th, 2011, while supplies last, so get yours before it escapes!  (Excludes BWI Airport location)

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Unknown said...

"You spilled my macchiato!"