24 September 2010

Alewife's Oct. 1st Stone Brewing Event details

The following from Alewife via their Facebook account, edited for clarity:
STONE EVENT DETAILS:  To reserve a spot for 4pm entrance on Oct. 1st, stop by Alewife and buy a $25 ticket.  Ticket gets you 10 beer tokens for ten 5-oz. beers.  If you want to get in at 3 pm for a limited VIP session (50 spots only, more intimate hang time with Greg Koch), you can stop by Alewife with $42 ($17 for a limited release t-shirt, $25 for the 10 tokens), or you can just show up Friday and come in, if there is still room.

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JohnM. said...

By the way. I just confirmed that you don't have to actually drop by Alewife to get a "ticket." There is no actual ticket, you're just placed on a list, and as I just found out, they'll happily take your credit card information over the phone.

Probably a good idea to move quickly on this for anyone who's thinking of going.