29 September 2010

DuClaw's Baltimore Beer Week plans

Well, since I picked on them so badly last year when they didn't participate, I owe them the shout-out this year, even if they don't technically have a Baltimore presence (save for some bombers in certain liquor stores) this year.  From their promotional e-mail:

In celebration of Baltimore Beer Week, OCT 7th - 17th, we’ve got a full slate of special events honoring everyone’s favorite beverage. Join us...
October 7th at any DuClaw Brewing Company for the release of “31”, our scary good Spiced Munich Dunkel.
October 9th at the Brewer’s Association of Maryland Oktoberfest at the state fairgrounds in Timonium. We’re bringing 37 kegs, 3 firkins and our usual brand of hijinks. You don’t want to miss this...[My camera begs to differ.... after a chipped lens last year courtesy of the raucous crowd there....]
October 11th at DuClaw Brewing Company of Arundel Mills for the tapping of one keg of 2006 Devil’s Milk. Snifters of this special vintage brew will be available all day or until the keg is kicked. Sorry, but no new growler fills or refills will be available.
October 14th at DuClaw Brewing Company of Bel Air, from 4pm to 6pm, for an EXCLUSIVE Meet and Greet with Brewmaster Jim Wagner, Brewer Bo Lenck, and DuClaw Brewing Company founder Dave Benfield. There will be a 1/4 keg of X.1, Chocolate Imperial Rye Porter on tap, the boys will regal you with behind the scenes stories and anecdotes, and, if history is any indication, Jim will challenge Dave to some form of semi-athletic competition before the evening is over. Someone hide the Lawn Jarts.
October 15th at any DuClaw Brewing Company* for Firkin Friday! Casks of real ale will be on tap from 5pm until they’re empty. What flavors/styles will be at each location? Glad that you asked...
Bel Air - Peach Bare Ass Blonde
Bowie - Double Dry Hopped Venom
Arundel Mills - Cascade Hopped Misfit Red
October 17th from noon to 5pm at Waterfront Park in Canton for the inaugural Baltimore Beer Week Festival. Check out www.bbweek.com for more details!
 By the way, we were treated to a "sneak preview' of double-spiced "31" at the DuClaw Real Ale Fest (which I still have to write up here); it was a stunningly great beer with a trick:  it had such a perfect amount of "pumpkin pie spice" (cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice) to trick the taster into believing, with all sincerity, that Jim Wagner had dumped in a boatload of actual pumpkins.  "Not one bit of pumpkin in it," counters Jim, in spite of the official "tasting notes" suggesting "hints" of pumpkin.  Try the regular "31," or the double-spiced version if it appears,  and decide for yourself.

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