04 September 2010

Homebrew Extravaganza for Baltimore Beer Week at Little Havana

Nope, Little Havana is not replacing all its draft lines with homebrew.  You might wish.

But on Wednesday, Oct. 13th, Little Havana, the waterside club near the Baltimore Museum of Industry on Key Highway, is hosting a "Homebrew Extravaganza" from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.  The event is little more than this Facebook page at the moment and has not yet been added to either Little Havana's website schedule or the official BBW schedule on the website, but stay tuned.  And if you're fast enough, start brewing up a batch to take there (pending the sanction of the organizers, of course).

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Unknown said...

This event was fantastic and unique among the Baltimore Beer Week events. There were 20 or so homebrewers from around the region that brought in a tasty beverage to sample, with some bringing more than one! Hats off to the event planner Judy Neff, Little Havana for hosting, and Baltimore Beer Week!!