22 September 2010

City Paper's Best of Baltimore winners

And out comes this year's City Paper "Best of Baltimore" issue, with the emphasis (for us beer geeks, anyway) on the Nightlife section.........

Best Bar, Fells Point: The Cat's Eye Pub

Best Bar, Hamilton:  The Hamilton Tavern

Best Beer Bar:  Max's Taphouse ("Really, would it be anywhere else?")

Best Place to Watch UFC: Pratt Street Ale House

Best Tourist-Friendly Bar:  Duda's Tavern ("...one of the best beer lists west of Max’s...")

Best Local Draft Beer:  Zodiac at The Brewer's Art ("Zodiac features a pale ale’s lower f*ck-you-up percentage—keeping it less than 5 percent—but rotates the type and amount of hops on a monthly basis—12 times a year, you’re gonna get a little something different in your glass.")

In Other Categories:
Local Issue We're Sick Of:  The Bottle Tax
Best Local Blog: The Baltimore Snacker (baltimoresnacker.blogspot.com)
Best Place to Buy Beer:  The Wine Source

Readers' Poll:
Best Local Beer
Winner: Resurrection, Brewer's Art
2nd: Ozzy, Brewer's Art
3rd: Loose Cannon, Heavy Seas
Best Liquor Store:
Winner: Wine Source
2nd: Beltway Fine Wine and Spirits
3rd: Wells Discount Liquors

Much, much more of the issue here, or electricity-free editions in those ubiquitous yellow newspaper boxes scattered downtown or at your favorite retailer or library that has a stack of them..................

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