10 September 2010

The latest Fresh Hop update

Clipper City/Heavy Seas recently shipped out several kegs of Heavy Seas Loose Cannon dry-hopped with fresh hops (hey, wait a minute--isn't that an oxymoron?) from Stillpoint Farms.  The (apparent) first of these got tapped at Mahaffey's yesterday--and it is utterly splendid.  The extra dose of hops, crisp and fresh-tasting, perfectly counterbalances the extra alcohol of the Loose Cannon.  Go out of your way to sample this.  Seek it out.  Keep your fingers crossed for the upcoming festivals.

Also at Mahaffey's last night was a firkin of Heavy Seas Hang Ten dopplebock that had been aged in a bourbon barrel.  In spite of the news from the Clipper City reps that the barrel in question had been used already for a couple previous beers and was thus less intense upon the beer than it would have been for earlier batches, I could only come up with three words to describe the result: "Bourbon Bananas Foster."  Your experience/opinion may vary, of course....

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