14 September 2010

Md. Comptroller thinks beer buyers don't matter

That's the apparent conclusion one can draw from a survey posted by your friendly Maryland comptroller, which is supposed to survey Marylanders' feelings towards permitting direct wine shipments to Maryland residents.

Apparently, they think only wine drinkers want to take advantage of direct shipments to Maryland consumers.  No consideration for beer drinkers, or single-malt aficionados, or bourbon lovers..........  and goodness help you on the survey if you're looking for Vignoles, or Riesling, or blackberry port, or Vigonier, or mead........

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JohnM. said...

Not exactly the most comprehensive or imaginative survey, is it?

I went ahead and took the survey, but it was all I could do to keep from laughing when I was asked to list some wine selections that are available elsewhere, but not here. As I mentioned.... it would take several hours for me to try to list just the wine I'm aware of, and that would likely barely be scratching the surface.

Not to be too cynical, but I had to wonder about some of the other questions I saw, which seemed calculated only to add fodder to wholesalers and retailers long and dearly held arguement.... that allowing direct shipping will take money out of their coffers (as consumers unable to order wine directly from the winery, will of course then have no other recourse but to buy something locally, no matter how badly they may loathe the options available).