22 September 2010

Baltimore Sun's Beer Guru "retires," in a sense.....

The Baltimore Sun's Rob Kasper, acknowledged as one of the three co-founders of Baltimore Beer Week (along with Joe Gold and yours truly), is finally "retiring" from his "lifestyles" and food writing gig for the Sun, in which he seemingly took advantage of every opportunity possible to extol the virtues of good beers (including a now-lamentably-gone Sun-sponsored blog, Kasper on Tap).

He won't be retiring from the Sun completely, however--he's transitioning to the editorial staff.

His final column--a beer review, of course, sampling Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers--is here.

1 comment:

david.m. said...

I'l raise a glass to Mr. Kasper tonight.
I had the pleasure of talking beer over a pint or two with Mr. Kasper once when my journey into craft beers was just beginning. I found his conversation to be extremely knowledgeable yet without the arrogance and elitism so often found amongst beer aficionados when talking to newbies.
Have a peaceful and happy retirement and should our paths cross again the first pint is on me.