28 September 2010

"High Tea" at Pratt Street Ale House Thursday, and Birch Beer.......

No, not some fancy tea-sipping event with crumpets and clotted cream.  No Mad Hatter or March hare, either (I'm hoping).

From their Facebook post:

Please join Judy Easterbrook for the first pour of her creation, our new seasonal ale "High Tea" at The Pratt Street Ale House on Thursday 9/30 @ 6pm. $3 pints all evening. Read more about the brew on the blog at http://www.prattstreetalehouse.com/2010/09/more-tea-vicar/

The last time I had a tea-infused beer--Cape Ann's Fisherman'sTea Party barleywine during last year's Baltimore Beer Week--I astounded the brewers by identifying two of the three teas used just by tasting.  It seems this one will be a little easier, what with the blog post telling us what to expect....

Brewer Steve Jones has also let slip that two of the beers that will be on hand at the Chesapeake Real Ale Fest (tickets still available) will be "Heavy Seas . . . firkins of Loose Cannon with fresh local hops and a one-off Pale Ale with birch"

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JohnM. said...

"No Mad Hatter"

Now that's a pity. The Mad Hatter IPA from New Holland is really quite tasty. I highly recommend it, in the event that New Holland beers are every distributed in Maryland (and rumor has it that they soon may well be).