26 May 2010

Baltimore Beer Week website updated

Ummm, I really didn't have to tell you that Baltimore Beer Week was scheduled for Oct. 7-17, 2010, did I?

Yeah, I didn't think so. You've already marked your calendars. Maybe made the hotel reservations or put in for vacation time at work.

The committee has recently completely revamped its website, incorporating a new logo and listing the upper-level sponsors that have signed on so far, and more participants and sponsors are in the works as I type. Unlike last year's "way-cool" but limited-capacity Opening Tap venue, the Inner Harbor's USS Constellation, the plans this year involve a three-hour Opening Tap event on the evening of Oct. 7th at the waterfront Baltimore Museum of Industry along Key Highway near Federal Hill and Locust Point (and, ironically, almost next door to the long-defunct Globe Brewing Co. brewpub, which lasted about a year in 1997-98 and has been taunting drivers-by with its signage ever since).

The plans are to improve the quality of events held, not the quantity. According to promotions coordinator (and beer aficionado) Dominic Cantalupo, "While we were more successful than we anticipated [in 2009], we feel the need to drive the Beer Week to a higher level, and we have a determination to incorporate more ancillary or fringe businesses, if you will, into the overall event. We envision broadening the spectrum of brands and events and enlightening more of the macro-minded consumers." Based on preliminary plans and ideas, I would expect fewer liquor store tastings and more of an emphasis on cultural events, such as museum displays and lectures, art gallery events, possible music concerts at better beer venues, and more events held or organized by nonprofits.

If you haven't signed up for Baltimore Beer Week's e-mail list already, you can do so at the website; list registrants are entered into a drawing for two tickets to the Opening Tap event.

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