06 May 2010

More Places Should Do This

In checking out The Station Taproom in Downingtown, Pa. (as it turns out, they're only across the street from the SEPTA/Amtrak Downingtown passenger rail station, not actually *in* it as I'd hoped--though Downingtown has little more than a bus-stop shelter as its "station," as its PRR depot was demolished in the 1990s), I found their Facebook page.

They have a chalkboard menu of what's on tap.

Rather than type in changes to the chalkboard, they just take a picture of said chalkboard and post that.

That's a HECK of a lot more useful than just posting a picture of a glass of beer, if you ask me.


Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

That IS smart!

Brad said...

That's what I *used* to do at Max's and uploaded a pic of the beer menu to Twitter in real-time... until they went to 102 taps and the beer menu went to legal sized paper! Luckily, Casey's brother is taking over their Twitter account and will update each day (/crossing my fingers.)

Jay Zeis said...

Smart move by The Station Taproom. Always great to know what is on tap before arriving at a place.

Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

I miss the condensation running down the glass, the foamy head and the shape of the glass....but I guess this is useful too.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

@ Brad: Legibility is a factor. Twitter updates would be great, but at the same time it only takes a little prep work and then a few keystrokes to update a website spreadsheet daily. I doubt anyone is taking seriously the actual proposal that they hook up RFD tags to each keg so they would automatically update an online menu and/or flatscreen menu every time a beer was changed out. That starts to throw more technology at a perceived problem (as in, too many beers to choose from is a problem?!?) than is practical.