25 May 2010

Yuengling filming commercials in Baltimore area

Yep, you heard it right.

Yuengling, the landmark Pottsville, Pa. brewery, is launching an advertising campaign in Maryland, which will include television commercials being filmed in suburban Baltimore this week.  Commercial filming, with noted director Peter Nydrle, is being planned for eastern Baltimore County tomorrow and Thursday, weather permitting.  One commercial's plot: "Two generations share good times over a few Yuengling Lagers at an abandoned [site], which they convert to their own modern-day version [of the site]."  Another: "An innocent game of [genteel outdoor sport] turns into an extreme sport." (Censorship mine--see below.) 

Dave Shoffner, a public relations strategist for Pavone Inc., a marketing firm based out of Harrisburg (which also does work for the popular Pennsylvania snack food companies Utz and Turkey Hill), said of the planned campaign: "As you know, Yuengling has been growing and expanding rapidly, and that includes an emphasis on Baltimore and other markets south of Maryland. These spots will eventually air in the Baltimore market. When we were searching for locations to shoot these spots, we wanted to find a place close to [Yuengling's] "home" (Pottsville, PA), and Baltimore worked perfectly. There are a lot of great locations in that area, so it made good sense for us to film these spots there--not to mention, as an agency we've done a lot of TV work down there so we're pretty familiar with the area."

Although I have permission to tell you just where and what the movie shoots are in the Middle River/Chase/White Marsh region, I understand the shoots are on private property, so I'll hold off on specifics for the time being.  No need for folks driving in to the shoots, after all.

UPDATE:  Cat's out of the bag, thanks to another media source.  They were using the Bengies Drive-In Theater as the "abandoned site."

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