17 May 2010

Metropolitan's Beer Week schedule

From their latest e-mail bulletin (Y'all know where Metropolitan is in Federal Hill, right?):

Lindsay's Trivia of the Damned will feature tasty brews from Shmaltz Brewing Co., makers of He'Brew beers and Coney Island beers.

Harpoon IPA Pint Night in the Main Bar.  Come early and get a coveted Harpoon IPA pint glass, as well as other valuable trinkets.

Firkin Thursday with Smuttynose IPA from Smuttynose Brewing in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Flying Dog Pint Night in the Main Bar.  Get a coveted Flying Dog pint glass.  Beer style to be determined at a later time by the capricious winds of chance.

Other events may be added at the spur of the moment.

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