24 May 2010

Want a Chance at a Ticket for SAVOR?

No, you can't have my media pass.

But BreweryFans.com is apparently making an offer of a free ticket to the epic D.C. "beer party" that sold out within minutes last year and this year, and it's tied in to Heavy Seas Beer.  See the terms and conditions at http://www.breweryfans.com/savor-contest .

The downside of SAVOR:  You get 3.5 hours to visit reps and sample from 64 American breweries.  That's about 3.3 minutes per brewery.  Even if you blow off all the food munchies AND breweries with which you are familiar, that's still a nightmare of trying to pack it all in--though apparently nowhere near as bad as the Great American Beer festival, I'm told.

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