19 May 2010

Beer Bargain of the Day

An associate tipped me off to this special at Groupon, a website that offers discount coupons for businesses that advertise with it.

Today-only special for Baltimore: $20 worth of beer for $10 at Elliot's Pour House down in Highlandtown, a nice little corner neighborhood bar with a much-better-than-average beer selection.

Disclaimer: I make nothing from this deal, there are conditions and fine print (nothing objectionable, if you ask me), and I don't know how much spam signing up for Groupon is going to throw at you (probably a lot, if my history with other such coupon/offer sites is any indication)........

You have 14.5 hours to grab this as I type.



The Oriole Way said...

You get one email a day from Groupon; that's it. The spam is very manageable.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Oh, certainly, that's about what I expected. And if you regularly get bargains you can use, more power to you. It's just that, to some people, even a daily e-mail gets as tedious and obnoxious as "Clippy," the little pop-up "assistant" in Microsoft Word.