19 May 2010

So what potato salad goes with beer? And do we add eggs?

Here's another lovely little "food fight"--do hard-boiled eggs belong in potato salad or not?

My wife insists it's not potato salad without hard-boiled eggs. Myself, it all depends what the potato salad is with. I'm going to demand different potato salad with hamburgers, sausages, BBQ, or chicken as appropriate. I love that German-style hot potato salad with bacon bits, for example, with brats or ham. Burgers sort of demand the "classic" white potato salad with mayo. And I found that BBQ places in eastern North Carolina dole out a hot potato salad that actually looks like dirty half-mashed potatoes and is fairly bland by itself, but perfectly complements the mustardy coleslaw and vinegary BBQ.  And sometimes the chalkiness and slight sulfur components of hard-boiled eggs clashes with a good beer, sadly.

Hmmm............. I just now conjured up a possible potato salad recipe to go with grilled leg of lamb, involving redskin potatoes, mustard, mint, and a touch of horseradish, based on a pit lamb sandwich and a lamb kabob I had at the Sheep & Wool Festival a little while back. Now, if I just didn't have a vegetarian wife who thinks all mustard should be bright yellow and dislikes horseradish............

(photo from About-Recipes.com; tip o' the hat for original link to Instapundit.com)

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