13 May 2010

Bawlmer Beers now on sale

Bawlmer Beers brewery owner John O'Melia confirmed that the first shipments of his initial batches of beer have rolled out to a few local outlets: "Off the top of my head:  Grand Cru, Mount Washington Tavern, Pickles Pub, North Charles Wine Shop, Mays Chapel Wine & Spirits, Mt Washington Liquors, and Eddie's of Roland Park."  Remember, folks, for the time being it's only showing up in bottles.

I passed samples around a panel of tasters the other day; it's likely to be a polarizing beer at first, because some folks seem to love it while others turned up their noses at it.  The Formstone Ale and Amber's Ale, Hon definitely do not fit most folks' preconceptions of an American Brown Ale or an amber, respectively, and that will delight those looking for something new or different, and turn off those who expect predictability based on style names.

(photo by author, courtesy Mid-Atlantic Brewing News)


Andrew said...

Nothing near me. Looks like I'll have to make a trip to grab a few.

Brad said...

Who's the distributor? I'm sure he's not self-distributing, which we know is illegal in the state of MD.

Looking fwd to giving these a shot.

Brewer's said...

Actually, a Class 5 brewery can self-distribute in Maryland, provided they also get a wholesalers license.

Brad said...

That's very cool. I had no idea. Thanks Volker.

Anonymous said...

Got a sixpack of each at Eddie's. I think they're both great. I seem to have drunk up all the Amber first. . . feels a little lighter despite having the higher %ABV.

YAY for a new Balto brewery!!