24 May 2010

Brewer's Art canned Resurrection to arrive this week?

I ran into the recently elusive (and occasionally evasive) Volker Stewart of Brewer's Art this weekend as he was doing some "R&D" and football-watching at Max's Taphouse this weekend; he had insinuated that the first cans of Brewer's Art's new Resurrection, contract-brewed and canned by Sly Fox of Phoenixville, Pa., would be arriving in the city sometime this week, hitting the shelves at around $10 a six-pack.

Brewer Tom Creegan said to Baltimore Sun blogger Sam Sessa that he and the other brewers at the Mount Vernon brewpub plan to "shotgun the first one, and play beer pong with the next few."

Personally, I'd never treat such a great beer so shabbily.  But as the caretakers of the brewery and recipe, it's their privilege, I guess.

UPDATE: A mole in Phoenixville reports that "a truckload" of Rezzie was canned "last week."

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Amelios said...

Brewers Art had can pyramids on their table at the Foodie Experience at Hippodrome on Saturday night, and I saw at least one can open on a table behind the workers. They're out there!