23 May 2010

A Beer You Really Should Try

A special one-off beer from Flying Dog, their one-off Old Ale, is on tap at Max's Taphouse.

Don't miss this one.  Best beer they've done in ages, even including their Gonzo if you ask me.

Max's should also have most of the beers put on for American Craft Beer Week on for the remainder of this week, until beers run out.


JohnM. said...

Wait a second Alex. Are you tryihng to tell us we "need" to try this beer?


Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Oh, heck, no. Not in the least.

What I will say is that everyone whom I convinced to sample or order this beer looked like they "found religion" or had some kind of epiphany when they tasted it for the first time. Those who knew agreed with my statement that "it's North Coast Old Stock Ale done better."

And I would love it if Flying Dog would reconsider and make this one of their regular offerings instead of a one-off. And the only way I'll get a few "comrades" lobbying beside me for that will be to get more people to try it.

But if you don't sample this beer, life will go on, in spite of what other people might say about their consumption or lack thereof of other specific beers.