27 May 2010

The Beer Scene at Camden Yards

As reported by fellow beer writer Martin Morse Wooster:

I finally made it to Camden Yards last night. The place has changed. OUTSIDE PITCH magazine died...They don't have a "scalp-free ticket zone" anymore...and, in the most shocking development of all...

THEY GOT RID OF THE RIBS!!!! (They were good ribs.)

They do have beer, though. Here's what's in the craft beer stands:

Fordham Copperhead
Flying Dog Snake Dog
Heavy Seas Classic Lager

I assume the Heavy Seas Classic Lager is what used to be called Clipper City Gold. I of course gave Hugh Sisson my custom. This is a pretty good beer to have with the nourishing peanut.

They jacked up the prices by a buck to $7.50. I hope the brewers got some.

Diageo has also entered the park in a big way. They now have Bacardi stands selling you dacquiris and margaritas for $8. And they also have "Jeremiah Weed tea-flavored vodka" with lemonade. Although this beverage violates one of the Fundamental Laws of Drinking, namely, "Don't Drink ANYTHING with 'Weed" in the title" (The sentence, "Dag, thass good weed" should NOT be used with alcoholic beverages!) this drink sounds so disgusting that I must have at least one.


The Oriole Way said...

Isn't the Classic Lager the former McHenry Lager?

Sad as it may be, $7.50 really isn't that bad for craft beer (at least according to MLB standards). In Phoenix, I paid $8, $9, and $10 for craft beer during Spring Training. Still better than spending $6-$8 on a Bud Light.

Andrew said...

The removal of the scalp-free zone is the most damning non-profit-motivated-destruction-of-the-stadium's-sky-line-at-the-hands-of-Hilton development of the last 10 years.

See, I say 10 years, because then we don't have to include the on-field performance. That's a 15-year-old development.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

I'll say.

Someone gave me two tickets to a recent game. I went down, parked in the loading zone outside Pratt Street Ale House/The Nest, and went to "scalp" them, only to discover the zone had been removed and they were enforcing it. So I said "screw it," went back to my car, dug a piece of cardboard out of the dumpster, wrote "FREE O's TICKETS!!" and an arrow on it with a marker, put the sign and the tickets under my windshield wipers, and went into the PSAH to legitimately "load" some beer "samples".

When I came back to my car, there were four MORE tickets.

Andrew said...

Next thing I know you'll be telling me you got in a taxi-cab in New York and asked the driver the fastest wat to Carnegie Hall and he said "practice baby practice."