26 May 2010

Brewer's Art beers offered to Jerseyites to woo them to Md.

It sounds like a farce.  But no.

As part of the federal government's massive Base Realignment And Closure (BRAC) program, the military has been forced to entice thousands of employees--mostly civilian--to move from northern New Jersey, around the closing Fort Monmouth, to the region around Aberdeen Proving Ground in Harford County and Fort Meade south of Baltimore.

Cue all the possible "Joisey" jokes now.  Get them out of your system.

Apparently the military is having trouble enticing enough employees to relocate.  Many employees, for a variety of reasons--some apparently involving perceived higher costs of living and real estate prices around central Maryland--are rejecting the proposed moves.  (I personally have been contacted by two civilian employees in the Ft. Monmouth area, asking for tips on the best way to relocate temporarily to have a "bachelor apartment" or mobile home in Maryland and return "home" on weekends until their pensions or retirement come along.)

Well, the Baltimore Business Journal's "Back to Work" blog reports on an effort by recruiters to entice prospective Jersey residents to relocate to Maryland with a "happy hour" including coffee from Zeke’s Coffee,  Berger’s Cookies, and--yes--beer from The Brewer's Art.

No word yet on whether those were kegs, bottles, or cans.

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