28 May 2010

Beer Events in DC next week, and MORE SAVOR tickets to be won!

The Washington Post's All We Can Eat blog reports on several notable beer events in Washington D.C next week leading up to the big SAVOR shindig on the night of Saturday the 5th, and offers its readers several possible ways to enter drawings for tickets, which sold out in minutes a while ago.

Disclaimer: I won two tickets to SAVOR last year via one of those ways.  I respectfully withdraw from competition this year, having secured instead one of the few media passes rationed out by the Brewers Association.  (I didn't make the media cut last year.)

On a related note, Capitol City also had to pull some rank and strings to make it into the fest this year--read all about it at the blog link, including a report from former Cap City-Baltimore brewer Mike McCarthy.

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