05 November 2010

Beer for the Turkey? How about Beer-Can Turkey?

The only problem with Beer-Can Turkey is that you'd need a Foster's Lager "oil can" oversized beer can.  Hey, you know what, that may not be that crazy an idea.......... but switch to another beer, of course.....

Anyway, we can start the discussion now about what beer to put in stock for Thanksgiving Day, assuming that you're among the 90% or better of American  households that either cooks a turkey or goes to someone else's house to eat same (or some variation, like turducken or whatever).

CraftBeer.com has two articles that give you a jump-start on the process.  One is by Randy Mosher on pairing beers with the turkey (hint: since turkey itself is somewhat neutral in flavor by itself, the critical factors are in the preparation, the seasonings, and the accompaniments--for example, you might do better to pair cheeses of the appetizer course with the beers instead of the turkey).

The other offers an excellent-looking recipe for "Tipsy Turkey," using beer as part of the brine for soaking a turkey before roasting, smoking, etc.  In addition, it should be pointed out that the rather ambitious recipe for a large (22 pounds or so) turkey, requiring an entire gallon (two growlers or six-packs!) of a spiced holiday ale, can be scaled down to season a smaller turkey, duck, Cornish game hems, or a roaster chicken. 

Of course, if you start right now, you might have just enough time to brew up a batch of ale for Thanksgiving as well........

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