02 November 2010

Election Day: Vote in "The Mobbies"

I was nominated again for this year's edition of the Baltimore Sun's blog popularity contest, The Mobbies.  If you feel so inclined, you can cast a vote for my blog here, or avail yourself of the pink widget to the right of this text.

It appears you have to be a registered viewer of the Baltimore Sun website to vote, although they offer third-party sign-in through Facebook, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Twitter, etc.  (And come on--don't you have some spam-collector e-mail address set up, like I do?  Perfect excuse to use that instead...)

Disclaimer:  This election, unlike the one going on out in the rest of the nation and city today, is strictly unscientific, and pretty loosely controlled and overseen.  No warranty of results, satisfaction, freedom from Baltimore Sun spam, etc. is implied or given.  No beer is being offered for votes, in accordance with local election laws.

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