10 November 2010

Rumor of the Week

Heard from two places now:

Wild Goose is done as a brand.  This year's Snow Goose will be the last.

If true:  Boo, hiss to Flying Dog.

The Snow Goose is out in select bars now.  Especially tasty, a good malty ale with lots of flavor but only 5.9% and not too much heaviness.  Enjoy it while you can.  And take notes for a clone recipe.

Notes on earlier versions from two years ago here.


Mark said...

Noooooooooo =(

NearChaos said...

We absolutely must have a write in campaign. First off you should put an address of who to write. Second, I don't know if Blogger.com has any way to do this, but maybe setup a poll or something to track the number of people committed to writing so we know how it goes.

Finally of course everyone needs to buy it, and maybe pressure their favorite stores to lean on distributors, who in turn can lean of FD.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Start here, folks:


I submitted my query last night. Let's see what they say before we gang up on them.

And yes, I'm going out to hunt down a case or two today--amazing considering that I normally have trouble even getting a whole six-pack of any beers....

Glenn said...

That really saddens me. I guess we always knew this was going to happen when they 'merged'.
Wild Goose made some of my favorite beers. The corresponding Flying Dog beers, not so much.
Lack of Wild Goose is certainly not going to translate to increased Flying Dog sales on my part. Or of anyone I know.