17 November 2010

Photos so far this week

Dale Katechis (founder of Oskar Blues Brewery and the namesake for Dale's Pale Ale), Erin Tyler (of local distributor Legends Limited), and Casey Hard (cellarmaster, Max's Taphouse) at Max's Taphouse tonight.

 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot, 1999 vintage, at Max's on the 30th anniversary of the brewery on Monday night.  And by the way, if the SN Brewer's Reserve--a blend of Bigfoot, Celebration, and Pale Ale--is still on when you walk in, by all means try it.

 A Baltimore & Ohio steam locomotive being cooled down and serviced in Baltimore on Sunday after a day's operation.  (Bonus points to anyone identifying the exact location of this photo,)

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Barronzm said...

CALS locomotive. Leakin park