09 November 2010

Quick notes on two Victory beers

"Victory Vista Farms Harvest Ale:  This beer uses Cascade and Nugget Hops from the Vista Farm in Orefield, PA. This is a wonderful beer and very limited , only 25 barrels made [for 2010]."

Okay, the hop character is nothing short of stupendous, but this beer has possible the thinnest body and mouthfeel I've tasted in a beer since some accidental ingestion of a "light" beer somewhere in my past!  It would be possibly the most refreshing summertime beer in history, but you can't get these hop notes in a beer made for the summer, unless you bring the hops from another hemisphere.

Victory Village:  a 5.1% coffee-laced amber ale that shows that it's possible to do a "coffee beer" that isn't a stout.  Darn nice effort, almost seems like a cup of breakfast.

Both at Max's, VERY limited supplies on draft.  Blink and you'll miss 'em.

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