09 November 2010

Drew Carey's "Buzz Beer Brewery" Come To Life

Those of you who saw the TV series "The Drew Carey Show" between 1995 and 2004 may remember how "the gang" started a microbrewery in Carey's garage to brew their coffee-infused "Buzz Beer" commercially--absent, of course, all the niceties of licensing, legal distribution, and all that.  (The Bohemian equipment "used" in the show was apparently sold off on eBay shortly after the series ended.)

Greg Kitsock has a blogpost up today on two real-life variations of that theme, Washingtonian's Brewing Co, in Fort Washington and Baying Hound Aleworks in Rockville.  More "nanobreweries" will follow in the December-January issue of Mid-Atlantic Brewing News.

(And I would be remiss if I didn't mention my personal favorite "garage brewery" of all, Selin's Grove Brewing in Selinsgrove, Pa., which expanded by putting a used system from Avery of Colorado into a Formstone-covered garage behind the stone mansion in which the brewpub is located.)

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