08 November 2010

Heavy Seas To Mark 15th Anniversary With Special Release UPDATED

Cribbed from the Heavy Seas Beer website:

On Dec 8, 2010, Clipper City Brewing, home of Heavy Seas Beers, will celebrate its 15th anniversary of brewing in Baltimore.  Clipper City founder Hugh Sisson  began brewing in 1989 at Sisson’s (Maryland’s first brewpub) in Federal Hill.  In 1994, he decided to focus exclusively on brewing beer, and left his family’s pub to start Clipper City Brewing Co.  The first beer was brewed on Dec 8, 1995.

To commemorate this occasion, Heavy Seas will release a very limited edition anniversary beer called Thank You, Thank You Very Much. An 8% IPA, the beer will be brewed with an impressive spectrum of 6 kinds of hops (the recipe will use a combined 120 lbs of Palisade, Centennial and Cascade hops in the hopback alone!), and will be hopped 3 times in the brewing process. And just to finish it off -  it will be dry hopped with Simcoe and Palisades.  Thank You, Thank You Very Much will be a complex, hoppy beer with citrus aromas and hints of pine in the nose.  Look for it only in the state of Maryland and Washington, DC, in 22oz bottles and very limited draft. 

When asked how he feels about this anniversary landmark, Sisson replies “Damned lucky!” with a chuckle. In a more serious tone he expresses his appreciation to the Heavy Seas beer fans.  “Thank you to those who have been kind enough to support us over the years, without you we wouldn’t still be here. I am totally sincere when I named this beer Thank You, Thank You Very Much.”

Join Heavy Seas at the Clipper City brewery on Wed Dec 8, from 5 – 9, for their Anniversary Open House Tour. The first 150 guests will receive an Anniversary pilsner glass and the opportunity to purchase one bottle of this rare release.  This will be a unique chance to meet the entire crew, talk with the brewers and tour the brewery.  Advance registration is required. [The Anniversary Open House is fully booked, but Heavy Seas is working on plans to otherwise accommodate fans who missed out on the registration.]
A follow-up reply indicates that the IPA in question is estimated at over 100 IBU's, or International Bittering Units--a very hoppy beer indeed--and  that the hopback ended up with 150 pounds of hops!


JohnM. said...

Read about this last week, and had some questions.

Any word on what the bottle cost will be?

Also, while the article indicates the beer is being released to commemorate the CC anniversary, it's not entirely clear if that will be the first time it will be available (at the open house). Any word if that's the release date, or if we might see it places like Max's or Mahaffey's prior to then?

Inquiring minds want to know... :-)

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

I'm not 100% sure they know themselves. Who knows, maybe they'll take a cue from folks like BrewDog and Stillwater and make it extremely limited, "collectible," "one bottle per person," inflated price, and they'll still sell it all. Or maybe they'll just be more "normal" and kind to their fans.

Originally it was supposed to be released in DC and Maryland; the latest I've heard is that it will only be in Maryland.

As soon as they tell me, I can tell you.