05 November 2010

Why More Expensive Booze "Tastes" Better

Interesting post from The Gray Market Report by W. Blake Gray on why the prize you pay for wine impacts your judgment of same, and why you rave over wines you pay more for whether or not they're really that much better.  The same principles likely apply to beer as well, though the marketing and distribution/sales techniques vary slightly.

So how many of you that paid $50-100 for a bottle of BrewDog's extreme products actually like the contents that much?

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The Oriole Way said...

I bet they liked it more than I did.. because I got to try it for free! It was delicious, though.

This is a very, very well documented effect in the wine industry. Take several groups of consumers, serve them the exact same wine, but tell them it costs varying amounts. Those that think they're tasting an "expensive" wine always like it more. Absolutely no reason to think this doesn't carry over to beer, though the opportunity to really discriminate on price is much lower for brewers.