09 November 2010

Oktoberfest at the Fairgrounds in 2011? Stay Tuned.........

Apparently the discussion is still ongoing as to whether the Maryland State Fairgrounds will allow the Brewers Association of Maryland Oktoberfest back next year and beyond, after an incident at the Fairgrounds after this year's Oktoberfest in which two people were stabbed:

Fairgrounds officials say they want assurances from Baltimore-based Trigger Agency, the promoter of the Brewer's Association of Maryland Oktoberfest, that additional precautions will be implemented to ensure safety at future events.
Howard "Max" Mosner, fairgrounds president, said he spoke with representatives from the Trigger Agency and the Brewer's Association  in late October. He requested that the organizers submit a clear-cut proposal for how to prevent "unfortunate" incidents from happening in the future.
"We went over what they had done, what provisions they had taken as far as keeping people from having too much drink and what kind of security they had on the premises to deal with it," Mosner said. "I said my people here are very concerned. I said they want to look at what you propose to do to keep these kinds of things from happening in future, if we allow you to come back."
Mosner said the fairgrounds executive committee would likely review the proposal on Dec. 16.
"I hate to play what-if games but we'll look at what they say and see if that is adequate," Mosner said.

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Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

So one incident in the many years of the BAM Oktoberfest and they are looking to not allow it back?...I'm sure if they are allowed back it will be at higher price and more security which means more expensive tickets and less beer samples because one person gets stabby and people can't monitor themselves....that’s fine. Trigger should find another venue and then the Fairgrounds can schedule another Knife and Gun Show to fill the gap.