23 November 2010

Thanksgiving Eve, Updated Again

Keeping in mind the allegations (see posts on this subject in 2009 and 2008) that Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest drinking day of the year (not "holiday," just drinking day), what are your plans for tomorrow?

Metropolitan in Federal Hill is tapping its weekly firkin a day early from its regular Thursday, in tomorrow's case a firkin of Oliver Brewerie's The Darkness, a 7% dark wheat beer.

In contrast, the source of that firkin, Pratt Street Ale House, is closing for Wednesday and Thursday.

Meanwhile, DuClaw is going all-out at its Bel Air location, coming right out and saying it's "High School Reunion Night":
There will be plenty of time to nap AFTER the turkey and stuffing. Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday November 24th 2010, catch up with your old friends (or make some new friends) only at DuClaw Brewing Company Bel Air. We’re throwing our own “High School Reunion” from 9pm to 1am, with a DJ spinning tunes, drink specials, contests and more!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a high school reunion without “Superlatives”! Vote for the party-goers (1 male and 1 female in each category, nominees must be present) that you think best embody the following categories:

BARE ASS BLONDE (The Best Bare Ass)
EUPHORIA (Most Dazed and Confused)
MISFIT RED (Cutest Redhead)
NAKED FISH (Best Looking Naked)
KANGAROO LOVE (Spends the Most Time “Down Under”, if you Catch Our Drift)
OLD FLAME (Cutest Couple)
COLOSSUS (Biggest, Buffest, ‘Roid Ragin’est Juice-Head)
PAX NEMESIS (Best Behaved)
HELLRAZER (Worst Behaved)
EXILE (Most Likely to be Arrested)

The DJ will be announcing winners and awarding prizes throughout the evening.

While the party is a Bel Air exclusive, the specials will be available at all participating DuClaw Brewing Company locations.
Okay, the name/contest tie-ins may be a bit cheesy, but it works if you ask me.

I have a proposal from a family member to go out for a pint or so tomorrow, but the updates/feedback have been lacking................

Anyone else want to chime in?

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