06 November 2010

Okay, which of you went to San Diego?

From a SanDiego6 TV article on the start of San Diego Ber Week:
The Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina has started to offer a special beer package for their guests, and beer lovers are starting to respond.
"I saw reservations coming as far as from New York and Baltimore," said Warren Nocon, manager of the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina on Harbor Island. 
Okay, any of you want to confess it's you?  Can I ask you to bring back a good bottle to share?

(Actually, I do have an idea who this might be......)


Danny said...

This program isn't limited to the San Diego properties. I had a less than stellar experience up in NY with the Sheraton Best Brews program. More details at On Beer and Brewing

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...


I'm not sure this "Best Brews" promotion by Sheraton and the San Diego Beer Week promotion are the same. Most of the various "Beer Weeks" have tied in with some hotels for package deals. Furthermore, the article mentions the San Diego Sheraton Hotel & Marina, which does not have a "Best Brews" program listed on their website.