09 November 2010

You DID put in your vacation request, right?

The good news: The Max's Belgian Fest for 2011 (7th annual edition) finally manages to get away from Valentine's Day, being scheduled for Feb. 18-20, 2011.  (Good for those of us whose spouses want mostly-undivided attention around that time frame; bad for those with spouses that love Belgian beer almost as much as their spouses....)

The bad news:  It's still in the doldrums of freakin' winter (Oxymoron Alert!).  Maybe owner Ron Furman will get lucky and not have to burn up a snow-shoveling tractor again like he did this year.

More good news: More Belgian beer on draft than ever.

More bad news: That giant sucking sound on your wallet and the rebellion of the liver.

Here's a sneak preview provided by Max's cellarmaster Casey Hard last week:

We will be going all out again this year. we will have 102 Belgian Beers on draft starting Friday morning and plan on adding another 50 or so different Belgian beers throughout the weekend. We will also have over 175 Belgian beers in bottles and a full Belgian Inspired food menu.

So, here are a few of the drafts that we will have on for the Belgian Fest: 40% done.
  • De Struise Red Haired Jeanne
  • De Struise Black Albert
  • De Struise Black Damnation Mocha Bomb 2
  • De Struise Pannepot Reserva
  • Het Alternatief Ambetantrik
  • Het Alternatief Bitter Truth
  • Hof Ten Dormaal Blonde
  • Hof Ten Dormaal Amber
  • Alvinne Kerasus
  • Alvinne Morpheus Wild
  • Alvinne Bathazaar
  • Alvinne Melchior
  • Alvinne Gaspar
  • Alvinne Undressed
  • Alvinne Bolleville
  • Alvinne Caper Fumatis
  • Alvinne Extra
  • Jandrian V
  • Jandrian V Cense
  • De La Senne Taras Boulba
  • De La Senne Stouterik
  • De La Senne Zinnebir
  • De La Senne Equinox
  • De La Senne Zinnebir
  • De Proef /Terrapin Monstre Rouge
  • Smisje Catherine The Great
  • Smisje Guido
  • Smisje Blonde
  • Smisje BBBourgondier
  • De Dochter Noblesse
  • De Dochter Embrasse
  • De Dochter Noblesse XO
  • De Dochter Courage
  • De Dochter Bravoure
  • De Hoevebrouwers Toria
  • De Hoevebrouwers Toria Triple
  • De Glazen Toren Jan De Lichte
  • De Glazen Toren Ondineke
  • De Glazen Toren Saison De Epre Mere
  • Brouwkot Vlaskappele
  • Brouwkot Netebuk
  • Brouwkot Kalle
  • Cezeau Saison
  • Cazeau Tournay De Noel
  • Contreras Valeir Blonde
  • Contreras Valeir Extra
  • Scaldis Cuvee Des Trolls
  • Gulden Draak Vintage
  • De Ranke Noir
  • De Ranke Saison
  • Palm
  • Duvel Green
  • Troubadour Magma
  • Petrus Aged Pale
  • Stillwater Saison Darkly

1 comment:

JohnM. said...

Max's seems to outdo themselves every year.

Spoke to Casey yesterday, and he indicated that on day one, they will have only Belgian beers on tap (no domestic Belgian style beers), except for the Stillwater darkly (which I believe is/was made especially for this event). Apparently he's still having difficutly bringing in Fantome kegs, but otherwise he promised a nice selection of draft Cantillon beers, and even a couple of casks of Hanssens.

As always, the selection should be nothing short of mind boggling.